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Wood cutting involves selecting suitable timber, harvesting and transporting logs to sawmills. The logs are cut into cants, sawn, and planed to create rough boards. These boards are refined, sorted, bundled, and distributed for construction, furniture, and crafting purposes


Wood steaming makes wood more pliable by exposing it to steam in a chamber. This softens the fibers, reducing the risk of splitting or cracking during shaping. It is commonly used in woodworking for tasks like bending wood, enabling craftsmen to achieve intricate shapes and curves.


Wood drying is crucial to enhance the stability, durability, and usability of freshly cut timber. There are two main methods: air drying and kiln drying. Air drying allows natural evaporation over time, while kiln drying accelerates the process using controlled heat and airflow. Both methods remove excess moisture, preventing warping, shrinking, and decay. Properly dried wood is stronger, less prone to splitting, and suitable for construction, furniture making, and woodworking.

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After the establishment of the first company in 1999, the company HOMI HARDWOOD was established in 2016 , a factory providing dry beech and ash lumbers globally.

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